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72 m AHTS-DP2

Principal Dimensions: 

Length overall: 71,52 m

Length on waterline: 68,16 m

Breadth moulded: 16,00 m

Depth moulded: 7,31 m

Draft (designed): 5,91 m



6 x One (1) Man cabins: 6 men

9 x Two(2)-Man cabins: 18 men

4 x Four (4) -Man cabins              : 16 men

Total Complement: 40 men


Fresh Water: 494 m3

Fuel Oil: 769 m3

Drill Water / Ballast Water: 708 m3

Liquid / Mud: 519 m3

Dry Bulk: 4 x 41.5 m3

L.O. Storage: 29 m3

Bilge: 11 m3

Sewage: 15 m3

Foam: 17 m3



Main Engine: 2 x 4.500 kW

2 x Controllable pitch propeller with nozzle

3 Diesel driven main genset and 1 emergency

2 x 8.0T CPP & DP2

1 x 8.0T CPP & DP2



Deadweight: 2.500 t

Deck Load: 7,5 t/m2

Clear Deck Area: 430 m2

Top Speed: 16 knots

Bollard Pull: +140 t

Hull & Superstructure: Steel

Class: BV I HULL MACH DYNAPOS, Supply vessel / Tug / Special Service – Anchor Handling Tug , Special Service – Offshore support vessel, Fire-fighting Ship 1, unrestricted navigation, AUT-UMS NOTATION

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                    Deck Equipment and Outfitting


All deck machinery and equipment are to be supplied and installed to meet Classification and Owner requirements as applicable.

All fastening materials, bolts and nuts which are exposed on the open deck shall be of 316 stainless steel materials.

Anchor and Mooring Equipment

Anchoring and mooring equipment shall be provided as per Classification Society Requirement.

The anchor chain shackles shall be marked.


One (1) electro-hydraulic anchor windlass with two (2) cable lifter and two (2) warping drum is to be provided. Brake and coupling allowing independent operation of cable lifter and warping drum shall be arranged to suit the anchoring equipment to be installed at the upper forecastle deck. Remote control of the windlass shall be provided on the forward wheelhouse console.

Capacity               :               14 tonnes at 0-8,5 m/min for 34mm dia. U3 Chain

5 Tonnes at 15m/min and at light loads, 30M/min for mooring lines.

 Anchor windlass shall be mounted with epoxy chock fast.

 Anchor and Chain

Two (2) bow anchors with high holding force together with shackle and stud link chain cable are to be installed in accordance with the rules.

For guidance, they are as follows:

Two (2) high-hold-type anchors, stowed in anchor-pockets, each of 1590 kg. Two (2) 15 length (412.5M) x 34mm / Grade U3 stud-link-chain cables, one each for port and starboard side with swivel and shackle

Two (2) chain-stoppers, spindle compressor type

Towing Winch

One (1) unit of electro-hydraulic waterfall type double drum towing/anchor handling winch, complete with dynamic brake system.

Brake holding capacity:

Stall pull

(1st  layer)


Pull/Speed (1st  layer)







Towing drum capacity: 1,500 m x 76 mm diameter wire.



Anchor handling work   wire drum capacity: 1,500 m x 76 mm diameter wire.





Auto spooling


Only  fitted  on  towing  drum  (upper)  capable  of  being  controlled



from the wheelhouse.    Wire drums to be visible from wheelhouse



aft control station.


Towing Winches shall be mounted with epoxy chock fast. The tow winch compartment shall be fully enclosed.

Towing Gear

The following shall be provided and installed on the tow winch: 1 – 1000 m x 52 mm dia. Towing wire

 1 –   120 m x 52 mm dia. Work wire

 The following loose gears shall be provided:

 Two (2) nylon spring line/stretcher 19 meterx x 88mm, 8 strand plaited with hardeyes, UV protected equivalent to Bridon Marine or Samson.

Two (2) off “fuse wires”, 20 meters x 36mm, one hard eye and one soft eye. The soft eye shall be of min. 1 meter in length.

Towing Bollard

One (1) set double bitt towing bollard situated aft of the towing winch to guide wire onto drum.

Tugger Winch

 Two (2) electro-hydraulic tugger winches, each of 20 tonnes at 10 m/min. capacity is to be installed as shown on the General Arrangement. The winch is to be complete with one (1) warping drum and wire.

Towing Pins & Shark Jaws

Two (2) vertical hydraulic retractable towing pins of 200t SWL and one (1) shark jaw of 150t hydraulic retractable type, to be installed in the centreline of the main deck. The towing pins to be closed top type and able to take a side force of about 200 tons and to extend about 600mm above main deck level in the fully extended position. Both are to be operable locally and from wheelhouse.


Two (2) electro-hydraulic capstans shall be installed at main deck aft (P & S), with pulling force of 10 tonnes @               0-25m/min. and variable speed control to be located at main deck aft.

Storage Reel

One (1) storage reel for 1000m x 52mm dia wire and 5 Ton pull shall be installed as on GA. No wire shall be provided for the storage reel.


 One (1) gobeye on aft main deck for holding towing wire to be installed.

 Bollard, Feirlead, Loose Mooring Equipment

Sufficient number of bollards and feirleads shall be provided.

Mooring lines    :    4 x 160 m long mooring ropes of min 13.5 tonne breaking strength (polypropone)

Tow line            :    1 x 190 m long towline of min. 34.5 tonne breaking strength (polypropone)


To be fitted around wheelhouse top, bridge deck, forecastle deck and elsewhere, as indicated on General Arrangement Plan.

Storm rails of suitable design are to be fitted along passageway inside accommodation spaces.

Hand grips to be fitted in way of W.C.’s and showers and where required in way of manholes and vertical ladders.

Top rails to be 32mm galvanised pipe, middle and bottom rails to be 19mm diameter solid rod. Stanchions to be of 65mm x 12mm mild steel flat bar, spaced approx. 1800mm and welded to deck with doubler.

Towing Bollard

Smit towing bollard of SWL 70 tonnes shall be installed on the upper forecastle deck forward as shown on the General Arrangement Drawing. Appropriate size panama chock to be fitted at the bow bulwark along the centreline to allow access of towing gear.

Bollard and Mooring Posts

Double mooring bollards of 250mm N.B. heavy pipes are to be fitted on main and upper forecastle deck as shown in the General Arrangement.

Crash/Cargo Rail

Crash/Cargo rail of 200mm N.B. heavy pipes shall be provided on main deck (P&S) as shown on drawing. Vertical rails fabricated from 200 x 200, 49.9 kg/m2 H beam. Steel platings to be fitted between cargo rail and maindeck with man-height openings for safety.

Height of the cargo rail to be approx. 2500mm to top of pipe.

Six (6) off grinding rollers (3 on each side) to be arranged. Location of grinding rollers to be agreed upon by Builder and Owner.

Deck Crane

One (1) off hydraulic deck crane with knuckle boom and rest to be arranged. This crane must be able to handle the gangway, deck stores, engine room hatch etc. A local on/off switch to be provided and the crane to be fitted with an overload cut out.

Crane Capacity : 6t @ 2m; 1t @12m

Navigation & Communication Equipment

Radar:                              2

Echo Sounder:                  1

Gyro Compass:                1

Auto Pilot:                        1

Magnetic Compass:          1

Satellite Navigator:            1

SSB Radio:                      1

VHF Radio:                      2

Satcom:                           2

  64 m AHTS

Principal Dimensions :

Length O.A  : 64,29 m

Length B.P  : 58,61 m

LWL            : 62,12 m

Beam MLD. : 16.00 m

Depth MLD. : 7.30 m

Draft (Max) from Base line : 6,20 m approx.
Deck Area : 400 m2 approx.
Speed : 14 knots @ 100% MCR at mean ballast draft 5,20 m
Bollard Pull : 120 t @100%MCR, or 1.1xBHP/100 whichever is greater
Endurance : Min. 25 days approx.
Complement : 31 men
Fuel Type : Marine Diesel Oil

Tank Capacities (Approximation) :
Fresh Water : 400 cbm approx.
Fuel Oil : 800 cbm approx.

Dry Bulk Tank : 200 cbm approx.

Drilling Water Tank : 400 cbm approx.
Liquid Mud / Brine Tank: 390 cbm approx.
Foam Tank : 15 cbm approx.
Dispersant Tank : 15 cbm approx.
Sewage Holding Tank : 15 cbm approx.

Cement Tank : 200 cbm approx.

Lube Oil Tank : 15 cbm approx.

Bilge Holding Tank : 12 cbm approx.

Dirty Oil Tank : 12 cbm approx.

Main Machineries :
Main Engine & Propulsion System :
2 x 5.400 BHP main engines @ 750-900 rpm approx.
c/w. P.T.O. at front for FiFi Pump per engine &
@ gearbox P.T.O. for the shaft generator of 1500 kW, 415/3/50

Propellers :
2 x CPP blades in kort nozzles

Thrusters :
Bow Thruster: 2 x CPP type of 10 mt thrust, electric motor driven.

Power Plant :
Main Generator : 3 x 450 kW, 415/3/50
Shaft Alternator : 2 x 1500 kW, 415/3/50
Emergency Generator : 1 x 96 kW, 415/3/50

Deck Machinery :

Towing Winch: Suitable for 120 t bollard pull, monitored by CCTV cameras

Tow Cable: Dia. 58 mm x 1000m

Spare Drum: Dia. 58 mm x 1000m wire

Stern Roller: Dia. 1.8m x 5m length 

Shark Jaw: 1 x 300 t

Towing Pins: 2 x 250 t

Anchors: 2 x as required

Chain: As required with minimum 12 shots

Anchor windlass: As required

Chain stopper: 2 x roller type with lashing screw

Tugger winch: Electro hyd. 2 x 10 t x 10 m/min.

Capstan: Electro hyd. 2 x 5 t

Deck Crane: 1 x electro-hydraulic, capacity 3 t @ 15 m

Oil Spill Recovery System :
LAMOR Side Collector System LSC-5C/2700










































 72 m AHTS



Length overall: 72.02 m

Length between perpendiculars: 63.23 m

Breadth: 17.60 m

Depth to main deck: 7.70 m

Maximum draught: 6.20 m

Engine: 3 x 2600 kW (electric driven)

Propulsion: 3 x Azimuth propellers

Speed, max: 16 knots

Bollard pull: 75 tonnes


Deadweight: 3000 ton (@ 6.20 m draught)

Deadweight: 1400 ton (@4.60 m draught)


Accommodation: 41 men


Clear Deck Area: 650 m2



Fuel Oil: 740 m3

Fresh Water: 240 m3

Water Ballast: 320 m3

Drilling Water: 335 m3

Dry Cargo: 160 m3

Mud: 660 m3

Foam: 20 m3

Slop: 20 m3

Hull & Superstructure: Steel

Designed by: POSEIDON Co. ©, 2012