Technical Details:

Length over all: 36.80 m including 2 swim ends.

Breadth molded: 17.50 m

Hull height – Depth: 3.00 m

Draught: 1.90 m

Spud Length: 36.00 m (circular type)

Working area: 300m2

Loading cases:

- Maximum load on deck: 450 t (1x Crane 250t, 2 x Vibro Hammers, 1x Hammer, HPUs)

- Deck load capacity: 8t/m2

Working area: 60t/m2


The wind data used for the JUP design are listed here below:

Towing, with legs pulled up:                                                    Swell H (Hs) = 1.40m,

T = 7s + wind 20 m/s

Working, on legs:

Swell H (Hs) = 2.00 m,

T = 7s + wind 20 m/s + current 2m/s

Survival, on legs:

Swell H (Hs) = 5.00m,

T = 9s + wind 30 m/s + current 2m/s


Jacking (first contact with ground) (sandy ground):        Swell H (Hs)  = 1.30 m,

T = 7s + wind 15 m/s + current 1 m/s

Designed by: POSEIDON, 2017




Technical Details:

Length overall: 30 meters, including 1 swim end

Widht: 18 meters

Depth: 3 meters

Circulars legs length: 36 meters.

Distance between bottom of legs and bottom of pontoon: 30 meters

Distance between axis of legs (minimum, approximate): Longitudinal: 22.8 meters, transversal: 14 meters

4 Guiding devices for each legs

Material for plating AH36 Grade

Material for stiffeners: Grade A


Total load on platform: 400 tons (in service), with a 200 tons crawler crane evolution area of about 18 x 12 m

Deck load: 8 T/m2

Minimum torque on legs and guidance device : 10.000 kNxm, 355 Mpa

Minimum resistance capacity of each leg: 380 tons

Navigation, with legs pulled up: Swell H = 1,4m, T = 7s + wind 20 m/s

Working, on legs: Swell H = 2,00 m, T = 7s + wind 20 m/s + current 2m/s

Survival, on legs: Swell H = 5,00m, T = 9s + wind 30 m/s + current 2m/s

Jacking (first contact with ground) (sandy ground): Swell H = 1,30 m, T = 7s + wind 15 m/s +

current 1 m/s

Operational temperature: -10°C to 40°C

Operational humidity: 100%

Designed by: POSEIDON, 2014





Technical Details:

The modular jack-up barges consist of standard 6m and 12 m Container Size Modules + 8.4m Modules + 2.4*2.4m Jack House Modules.

The height of the modules differ from 1.80m to 2.90 m depending on the configuration and the payload pacacity of the barge. The system has  15t/m2 deck strength.





















Technical Details:

Length of pontoon: 17.99 meter

Width of pontoon : 11.99 meter

Height pontoon : 1.52 meter
Deck load : 15.00 t/m², Total : 100 t, Crane: 40 t
Specification Spud Legs
Length : 27.00 meter (2 x 12 meter + 1 x 3 meter)
Diameter : 0.80 meter, Circular

Specification Jacking System

Type : Hydraulic cylinders

Jacking Capacity (4x) : 85 Ton at 250 bar

Locking : By means of hydraulic activated pins and locking blocks

Jacking Speed: 14 m/hr
Hydraulic Power Unit

Type : Electric Hydraulic driven power pack

Controls : Remote control (incl. second cable control box)

Capacity HPU : 1 x 95 kW

Location : In deck container, with small store


Modular Jack-up barge designed for support of mobile/tracked units, weight up to 100T. Such as cranes and excavators for coastal construction works, survey works, drıllıng works and works in port and harbors.

The platform is built up out of 6m and 12m PSD units, 4 Jacking Systems and 4 Connectable Spud legs.



6x3x1.52 meter / 12x3x1.52 meter



OPERATIONAL WEVE HEIGHT: .................. 2m

SURVIVAL WAVE HEIGHT: ..........................3m

OPERATIONAL CURRENT: .........................1m/sec

SURVIVAL CURRENT: .................................1m/sec

OPERATIONAL WIND SPEED: .....................50km/hr

SURVIVAL WIND SPEED: ............................120km/hr

JACKING SPEED: .........................................14m/hr

JACKING CAPACITY: ...................................85t/spud






Technical Details:

Length Overall  LOA                     72.00 m

Breadth Molded   B                      40.00 m

Depth Molded  D                          4.80 m

Design Draft  T                             3.20 m

Main deck Area                            1200 m2

Deck Load                                     10 t/m2

Accommodation                            300 pax

Spud Length                                  90 m

Spud Configuration                       cylindrical column

Spud Diameter                              3.2 m

Jacking System                             rack and pinion system

Jacking Speed                              14m/hr

M/E                                              1760kW×2

M/E Rated Rotation Speed          1800 r/min

Main Generator                           450 kW×4(400V 50Hz)

Emergency Generator                  250 kW×1(400V 50Hz)

Helicopter                                    AS332L
Helideck Diameter                       19.50 m


This new accommodation jack-up barge is designed for serving oil platforms. The accommodatıon capacity is 300. With its 1200m2 free deck area and 2 cranes, this barge can also be used for maintenance and repair works for oil platforms as well.





Technical Details:

Length:                                           40.0 m

Beam:                                             25.0 m

Depth:                                             4.0 m

Spud Leg Length:                            75.0 m

Water Depth:                                  50.0 m

Free Deck Area:                              600 m2

Total Accom. Cap.:                         55 persons

Max. Disp.:                                     2500 t

Gen Set:                                          2 x 300 kW

Emergency Gen.:                            1 x 84 kW

Max. Allow. Deck Cargo:              250 t

Jacking system

Speed: 0.4 metre/min

Stroke: 1.2 metre






Technical Details:

Length Overall  LOA                     60.00 m

Breadth Molded   B                      20.00 m

Main deck Area                            1000 m2

Deck Load                                     10 t/m2

Spud Length                                  24.00 m

Jacking Speed                               14m/hr


This jack-up ship lift is designed for serving shipyards to serve as a dry-dock.With its 100m2 free deck area and 2 cranes, this platform can be used for maintenance and repair works for vessels upto 55 meters.
























Technical Details:

The Floating Marina Concept is developed to provide marina services in sheltered waters where the wind and wave speed is lower. The main advantage of this concept is to eleminate the need for a fixed wavebreaker.

Compared to fixed systems, this floating unit provides the opportunity to change the location of the entire system by towing and can be located at anywhere.

There is a main facility structure in the center which provides a 1000m2 deck area. This structure has 3 floors and can be used for several activities such as restaurant, concert hall, meeting room, etc. The top floor can be used as a helideck andthe guests can arrive at the structure even with their helicopters.

The system consists of a facility structure in the center and pontoon piers connected to this structure.

Depending on the boat mooring requirement, the quantity of the pontoon piers can be increased so that the boat mooring capacity can be increased.

If there are waves (there are limits) in the region, even pontoon wavebreakres can also be used in the system to protect the facility structure and the pontoon piers.

By using more facility structures, the activity area capacity on the sea can be increased. These facility structures can be linked together with pontoon piers.

The main structure in the center can also be a jack-up strucure. With the help of hydraulic jacking system, the structure can be raised up from the sea level, so that this structure is protected from the sea and wind conditions and tides.




Technical Details:

Length over all:                    52.00m

Breadth molded:                  22.00m

Hull height – Depth:            4.00m

Spud Length:                        48.00 m (circular type)

Operational Water Depth:   36.00m

Accommodation:                  94 Patients + 6 Special Care Patients

Deck load capacity:             8t/m2

The environmental  data used for the design are listed as below:

Towing, with legs pulled up: Swell H (Hs) = 1,4m, T = 7s + wind 20 m/s

Working, on legs:                     Swell H (Hs) = 2,00 m, T = 7s + wind 20 m/s + current 2m/s

Survival, on legs:                                Swell H (Hs) = 5,00m, T = 9s + wind 30m/s + current 2m/s

Jacking system:

Hydraulic, nominal working pressure: 220 bars

Jacking speed: 20 m/hr

In these difficult pandemic days, the lack of quarantine conditions and bed capacities has come to the fore worldwide. In line with the experience we have in jack-up marine platforms, we have eliminated the negative effects of the waves and currents on the sea surface on the swinging and comfort of the barge by applying the similar systems and we have developed a jack-up hospital pontoon concept. The pontoon will be pulled up from the water surface with the help of the spuds and the hydraulic jacking systems, and will stand in a static state like an "island" that does not swing on the sea and is not affected by adverse weather conditions and will create a motionless structure for both patients and medical interventions.



30x15x2.20m JACK-UP BARGE

Technical Details:

LOA: 30.00 m

Beam: 15.60 m

Depth: 2.20 m

Draught: 1.35 m (@ full displacement)

Spud Length: 36.00 m

Water Depth: 25.00 m

Air Gap: 5.00 m

Pay Load: 300 ton (max.)

Deck Pressure: 10 ton/m2

POSEIDON has designed this barge for its client in Azerbaijan (ADO-G Company) and the construction is finalized in August – 2013.

 This Jack-up Barge is approved by Turkish Lloyd.










Technical Details:

LOA: 30.00m

Beam: 14.00m

Depth: 2.20m

Spud Length: 36.00m

Lifting Capacity: 200t

POSEIDON has designed this barge for its client in Azerbaijan (ADO-G Company) and the constructed is finalized in July – 2011.

The structural analysis and tests are done by Istanbul Technical University and the design is approved by Turkish Lloyd.

This modular jack-up barge is the first modular system designed in Turkey with these dimensions and with this jacking capacity.

There are 3 sizes of sub-blocks (6 m, 9 m and 12m). Each blocks have a standard beam of 2.348 m and a height of 2.390 m which helps these blocks to be transported by sea, road and railway.

By joining these blocks you can have various size of floating barges.



Technical Details:

LOA: 14.38m

Beam OA: 10.95 m

Freeboard: 1.20 m

Draught: 1.00 m

Height: 2.20 m

Payload: 50 t

Spud Height:24.00 m

Water Depth: 12.00 m

Hull: Steel

Designed by: POSEIDON Co. ©, 2012











Technical Details:

Length of spud legs:                 36.00m

Diameter of spud legs :             1.20m

Penetration:                              1.50 m

Water depth:                            25.00m

Operational Wave height:       2.00m

Half Swell Height:                   1.00m

Operational air gap:               2.00m

Min. height in jackhouse:      5.00m

Reserve for spud legs:           0.50m

Builder: AMMICO / Qatar

Hull: Steel

Designed by: POSEIDON Co. ©, 2012






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