Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering is the art and science of designing boats and ships to perform the missions and to meet the requirements laid down by the prospective owners and operators. It involves knowledge of mechanics, hydrostatics , hydrodynamics, steady and unsteady body motion, strength of material and design of structures.

As POSEIDON we have experience in a number of fields of engineering, as well as in the field of engineering economics. We do understand the characteristics and properties of construction materials and are familiar with the latest and best methods of fabricating parts and joining them. Like other branches of engineering, we involve estimates and predictions of the final performance of the marine strtuctures and vehicles and all its parts and of initial and operating costs. We make such calculations while the ship is still in the paper stage in the form of plans and specifications.


POSEIDON provides Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) methods to estimate ship hull performance in calm waters. This is especially useful when looking to optimize the vessel’s hull form to improve fuel economy and to provide vessels with good flow and resistance characteristics.

Heave, pitch and trim characteristics are able to be defined and the vessel’s wake profile is able to be visualized and analyzed to ensure that a vessel’s behavior is as envisioned by operators without having to conduct model basin tests.


POSEIDON is also capable to make Vibration Analysis, Buckling Analysis and Thermal Analysis if required.



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