POSEIDON's mission is to complete all projects within the timeline set with our clients for maximum satisfaction and to serve its clients and society by providing advanced, accurate and effective engineering solutions that improve its clients’ businesses.


POSEIDON's vision is to become the most trusted and thus long-term partner to our clients by solving their problems together with and from the perspectives of the client and to provide its client with total value for the project in terms of and consisting of quality, schedule, cost, etc. by continuously improving its follow-on advantage capabilities.


Each director and employee of the POSEIDON is to share the following values and act accordingly: To carry out the work in good faith under his or her own responsibility. To focus on maintaining transparency and accountability in the course of performing all work duties. To respect the individuality and personality of each person as well as the culture and customs of each country and region. To respond to the variety of work and tasks in a flexible manner while viewing them from different angles. To acquire new experiences, skills and knowledge with an enterprising spirit. To continuously pay attention to national and international technological and economic trends and to attempt to grasp the essentials of such trends.


POSEIDON is the first and the only jack-up unit designer in Turkey with Payload capacities more than 400 tons.


Starting from 2005, POSEIDON has become a world-wide known naval architecture, design and engineering company with its services.


Whether a new building project or a conversion/refit project, all starts with carefully listening to our clients in order to learn about their special needs and to specify the project accordingly.

Based on a concept POSEIDON develops technical specifications and request suitable shipyards for quotations. POSEIDON then evaluates the quotations with regard to project costs and feasbility. This method provides the client with all factual information to allow him to decide whether to proceed or consider alternatives. Beyond that POSEIDON assists with the right selection of subcontractors, develop worklists and project plans and offer cost and quality control. POSEIDON can also offer on-site supervision and project management during construction


Why to Choose POSEIDON?


POSEIDON has a proven record of accomplishment and are a reputable company in Turkey and World-Wide. We ensure that all projects are done with utmost professionalism using the most recent softwares and engineering skills.


POSEIDON is proud to provide its clients with support to solve their problems and to ensure the continuous networking of their businesses.


POSEIDON provides the correct solutions in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering industry since 2005 and also provides expert technicians and friendly knowledgeable support to its clients.

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